Street Logic book helps raise awareness & funds (we hope!) for Housing First Savannah

This was posted on our Housing First Savannah Facebook page recently & we just had to share here too!
Please review this for yourself, this was shared on our Housing First Savannah page & we re-share here:

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Presenting Street Logic, a novel that raises awareness and advocates for the most vulnerable, the extreme cases of homeless people in America.
My name is Steve Sundberg. I worked with the extreme homeless population of Boston for twelve years, both as a social worker in shelters and on the street.
Street Logic is my point of view of the truth, told through the best medium I know – fiction. I road-tested Street Logic with general readers, professors in the social sciences, and published authors, after self-publishing it in 2010. Universities are beginning to use Street Logic as an educational tool and social agencies and shelters are utilizing Street Logic as a fundraising tool.
If your agency would like to have copies of Street Logic for the next fundraising event contact me:
Additional information is available at

“The (straight) answer to any fool who says you can’t use ‘fiction’ to tell the truth. Proof that before you can pass it on, you have to pass through it. A beautiful tightrope walk over a true hell on earth … a tightrope you can’t walk with your eyes closed.” Andrew Vachss, author of the Burke Series
“The most closely observed, emotionally charged account of American homelessness I know…will leave any thoughtful reader wondering both why we let this happen and how we could stop it from happening.” Christopher Jencks, PhD. Harvard University, author of The Homeless


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