How can the “Church” get involved in Ending Homelessness? Start here!

This tweet (embedded below) came across today from someone I follow on Twitter! Their usual tweets are forward thinking & deal with systemic change, innovation, getting organizations to partner & such other new ways to address homelessness that are being modeled in other communities.

But this tweet stood out for me personally! I retweet a lot of this persons tweets because of his experience & connections to the issues of homelessness from many perspectives. He helps people deliver those new solutions!

But the most inspiring thing in this tweet is something that I try to relate to people who I seek to engage with about how we get people to become personal with & bring a connection of faith to the reasons we get involved in ending homelessness, one person at a time.

Because it is what He demands of us! It just takes some longer than others to come to this realization & some of us go through a longer journey with a convoluted path but eventually we must all come to this realization.

We do it by making it personal, getting to know a homeless person (or a person living in poverty), their life, story, dreams, hopes & desires for their lives. Restore those hopes they have likely lost & see where the conversation & their lives go!

Better yet, go read this story, then come back & answer the question: “What would happen to your congregations involvement in ending homelessness, one persona at a time, if your Pastor, Lay Leaders, Deacons or others in “control” of your missions & outreach programs experienced what this church did?

To learn more about solutions we are developing here in Savannah for our Housing First Savannah programs please check out our website, find us on Facebook, Twitter or our blog.

Links to all our social media presences are on the website!


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