Another Community adopts Housing First: Fredericksburg, VA & how they made it happen, lives changed!

Another community realizes that more shelters & traditional transitional housing models don’t work!

How did they come to that conclusion you ask? Compassionate thinking! Driven by people of Faith who had been doing the shelter approach too & realized that it wasn’t meeting the need most likely, the results weren’t being seen that the community really needs!

Also successes all across the country & within the rest of their State too!

So, what’s our answer, Savannah?

We’ll start down our path after the Assessment Team brings their Final Report to the table this Tuesday & a Workshop is held to start us down some path!

Who will decide the path? Well the existing Board of the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless will be there, but so will we, with our freshly launched Housing First Savannah model ready for discussion!

All existing Service Providers part of the Continuum of Care represented but the opportunity to expand & reach out, getting the involvement & engagement of even more people at the table to be part of the solution.

That’s what it’s going to take to enable dramatic change, more stakeholders with a vested interest in bringing new solutions & approaches to bear!

New funding sources must be found, not the diminishing government approaches to funding, although they are interested in Housing First & engaging the communities more in being part of the solution.

Our model that’s the grand daddy of them all is Los Angeles, where their Chamber, United Way & Service Provider Community came together in 2010 to announced their way forward, Home For Good!


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