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We are regularly looking on Google for ideas & other projects that we can show folks to get them engaged on the idea of container housing for the homeless!

Well, we think we’ve struck gold now! Here’s the winner of a competition in Melbourne, Australia,

We never claimed to be the first with the idea but here is an example that wraps creative & innovative services (maybe not as innovative as our model for services from HUGS!) but with the idea of jobs thrown in too!

Look at this image for a second then read the project description under the image:

Winner of a competition by Tesseract Collective, ‘Back on Track’ is a comprehensive proposal for homeless rehabilitation that involves not just housing but also community and improving long-term prospects. Going beyond just the requirements for immediate survival, ‘Back on Track’ is designed to be located along a strip of railway in designer Sarah Crowley’s town of Melbourne, Australia. Appropriating an under-used urban space that can be integrated into the surrounding city, the design includes a series of public programs that provide jobs and activities for the ‘formerly homeless’ that would live there.

Would you give this project an award or choose it as a winner?

Watch these videos to learn more about container housing for the homeless in general:

What are your thoughts on this model for Savannah?

How would you like to help?

Comments & connections are welcome! We can use all the help we can get!!


via Housing for the Homeless: 14 Smart & Sensitive Solutions | WebUrbanist.


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