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Presenting homelessness to the Chatham Youth Commission was a true honor & blessing!


Our thoughts on PIT counts & getting to know our homeless by name to give them hope!

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

We can’t end homelessness without knowing every person on our streets by name and learning what services, subsidies and supports will help them access and maintain permanent housing. Federal aggregate data is important to help us accurately identify the national scope of homelessness, but local organizations also need much more specific data to house their homeless neighbors quickly and efficiently.

This is how our street ministries operate, relationship ministry we call it!

We are elated to see the National Alliance promoting this especially at the time of the infamous Point in Time Counts going on at this time of year!

While we aren’t sure how our own CoC & CSAH are engaging the community for this count we do know that other communities have, like Atlanta, engaged their Hands on Atlanta organization to recruit some additional volunteers to do a more accurate count! Note: we have a Hands on Savannah…

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Housing First is our innovation for ending homelessness in Savannah, outside the CSAH approaches from their CoC partners!

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

A civilized and humane society doesn’t look the other way. Yet public and private funds available to help homeless people are limited. Plus, this population is tough to serve. It includes people suffering from mental illnesses and addiction, along with those who lost jobs and lack the skills to get new ones.

Solutions are difficult and complex. A coordinated effort among area service agencies is necessary to squeeze the most out of every dollar, reduce duplication and get results.

We will address the “civilized & humane society” aspect of the quotation later!

Yes, we agree CSAH (Chatham Savannah Authority FOR the Homeless) should be mended at some level, however we (advocates outside the “system” of providers known as the Continuum of Care [CoC]) prefer a radical, innovative overhaul, possibly even addressing the charter that created the “Authority” if necessary.

By law it must exist so we can receive…

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What Our Community Should Demand to Know about the Homeless Authority (CSAH) [being in disarray] & Homelessness in Savannah

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

Our Community Should Demand to Know:

  • What we’re doing to house our chronic homeless
  • Why Housing First isn’t a model any of our existing CoC (CSAH) members are supporting
  • What type of Housing First project we would support as a community
  • Why the Faith Community hasn’t been effectively engaged in ending homelessness in Savannah
  • What is the role of the United Way, Business (Chamber) and Tourism business sectors & Faith Community in ending homelessness in our community
  • Why Women’s & Children (Family & Youth) homelessness aren’t a focal point of our efforts
  • What are we specifically doing to house our Veterans
  • What is the real deal on the PIT (point in time count) & our homelessness count data – how do we justify our counts & funding levels
  • Why are we only seeking (thru the annual CoC Competition) HUD recurring dollars for our community to end chronic & other forms…

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What’s your definition of happiness for this New Year?: KLP: Happy New Year? Not on Your Life KLP

What’s your definition of “Happy” for the New Year.

This article challenges us to see what was meant by our forefathers in the Constitution regarding “pursuit of happiness” & helps us relate that to our daily lives as people of faith.

What kind of happiness does our God want for us every day of the New Year?

Read & see if your view of happiness changes for this Year & what kind of life it motivates you to live this Year!