How would you address the self confidence of our homeless population? | BBC News – Homeless sign up for Recovery College

An innovative college for homeless people in London, the first of its kind in the country, is attracting hundreds of students.

What HUGS provides in the way of counseling can also be considered as a way to address self confidence in our homeless population too!

But the experience of the fledgling college suggests that homeless people want more than temporary support.


Launched as an experiment in autumn 2012, the college was taken aback by the demand and found would-be students knocking on the door. At the start of the second term, there are now 395 people enrolled on 60 courses.

The most popular courses have proved to be about raising self-confidence and developing self-esteem, says Andy Williams, who helps to organise the college.

Steve takes three buses to get to the college. His last time in education was leaving school aged 12.

This reflects the corrosive quality of homelessness and how it isolates individuals.


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