Housing First gets many of these issues addressed!
Play the game & see if you’d rather get housing first rolling in Savannah!

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

Here’s a story from a little over a year ago about a game that was put together to simulate homelessness (the real organization who put it together is presented too) – people are asked to think about the issues that occur before someone becomes homeless as well as the challenges dealt with while homeless raising oneself up out of the condition!

We encourage YOU to play the game but watch this ABC News story first!

Watch it here:

The game is used as a part of  Step Up Savannah Fan Pages Poverty Simulation game too – we strongly suggest engaging with them to learn more about this area & share your learning with others in a real exercise in poverty! They are bringing the poverty simulation offering to the community in various forums over the year!

 HomelessnessInSavannah GeekTheHomeless

+Homelessness in Savannah Advocacy 

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