Next steps in Savannah: Housing First, another consensus building approach | The Next Step in Drug Treatment –

We’re elated to hear this call for a change in viewpoint about the  addiction issues in this country:

The country is beginning to realize that it cannot enforce or imprison its way out of the addiction problem. But to create broadly accessible and effective treatment strategies for the millions of people who need them, it must abandon the “drug war” approach to addiction that has dominated the national discourse in favor of a policy that treats addiction as a public health issue.

This issue is one of the major factors in our chronic homelessness issue in this country & in Savannah, where we can do something about it!

We have an opportunity to bring our community together to take on this issue which is personal to many of us!

We can address this issue in our own community with our own innovative approach to housing & services known as Housing First Savannah!

We don’t need an already dysfunctional federal or state services model to be propagated & paid for with federal or state healthcare dollars though!

We already have a counseling services program running & delivering very effective group.& individual counseling services inside some existing shelter system approaches.

That’s Heads Up Guidance Services (better known as HUGS to those of us dedicated to a better way to provide counseling to underserved populations)!

But in order to expand this set if services to more in need of them in Savannah we do NOT need more shelters!

We must develop the urgency to build consensus around Housing First as an approach that has worked elsewhere!

We MUST ask ourselves (& be ready for the answers) “why can’t it work here in Savannah?”, then be ready to work together to develop a way for it to work here!

So, we leave you with this question:

Who in Savannah is ready to be a part of that strategic planning process?

Here’s the article that got us on this train of thought:

We’re still on the “Choose Compassion, See What Happens” & Social Justice bandwagon too but maybe appealing to the side that says tax savings & solutions that don’t rely on gover nment funding will sway more or additional resources & consideration of innovative (for Savannah) approaches!


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