Seeking support for attending the NAEH 2013 Conference, July 22-24, Washington, DC

Attending this conference will help us galvanize support for Housing First in Savannah!

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

We’re trying to put together an entire trip to the conference of the 2013 National Alliance to End Homelessness!

Travel & accommodations can take several forms – train, plane, bus or car! Depending on which approach donors can support with funds, donations of points from various rewards programs whether hotel or airline or both is up to you, the supporters for this effort.

Donations of funds for other expenses are also sought using our PayPal account & access to that service is available below, with the ability to designate your donation for specific parts of the needed funding – details & a budget are presented below as well for our transparent & complete sharing of information about the trip – actual expenses will also be reported if we are funded to attend the conference!

We will refund any donations which specify “Please refund” in the designation note to us at…

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