Interfaith efforts CAN work, will they here in Savannah? | How HPRP stayed alive & well in Olympia WA (under a volunteer based program) | SideWalk Homeless Advocacy And Support Serves Olympia | ThurstonTalk

Take a look at this Interfaith Works & SideWalk effort in Olympia WA!

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

A program that started out using HPRP funding (from the feds [HUD et al] which has since gone by the wayside under that terminology) is still running. It started with a deep partnership with their local Interfaith Works (they have a Facebook page & website – links in the linked to article below) effort in WA state, Olympia to be precise!

Read this story for the background on how it started & see how it continues even when those funds are not available!

We’ll share more about these folks as we learn more but suffice it to say, a volunteer based program makes a huge difference to the people being served & when a “mentoring” one-on-one connection gets established then Katy-bar-the-Door (a Southern term…) results are possible!

At SideWalk, the Team welcomes their clients with open arms. They embrace them. They feed them. They work with them. And they love…

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