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An Open Letter to Savannah’s Faith, Business, City & Neighborhood Communities: Are we ready to frame chronic homelessness as a public health issue?

f we are serious about looking at the Vulnerability Index & creating our own Registry Week activities we would be able to quantify the hard numbers we always ignore – when we ask “How many live in our tent cities”?

The RIGHT question to ask is “When are we, as people of faith or citizens, going to be outraged that another death has occurred or that we know how many we really have who are vulnerable to death because they are homeless in our community”?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

You see, from Nashville’s recent Registry Week (see more at their How’s Nashville campaign website) we have seen how being real about the vulnerability to life surveys can show & help make us focus on the actual public health aspects of chronic homelessness!

We can share many stories since we have been doing the work of this Advocacy (since August 2010, some know we originally became homeless on Sept 29, 2009, btw we are homeless again but in a much better frame of mind & situation this time around – more on that later!) on how we have lost the chronic homeless to death & deep health issues.

We personally know several who have passed from not only health related issues but also from the violence & mere existence in their state of homelessness.

We are now at a point of asking when enough is enough for this community!

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