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Mainstream media misses the issue, advocates disappointed: Tampa passes new ordinances on homeless despite protests – National Social Issues |

Another FLorida community (Tampa) bites the dust on criminalization… Your thoughts on how the media portrayed the issue(s)?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

Another one bites the dust, criminalization of homelessness happened again in another Florida community!

Tampa held it’s second reading & comment period on July 18, 2013 & the local advocates & homeless were seen but bot heard by the media!

Except the Examiner reporter who told it like it was about the lack of objectivity in the Tampa “main-stream” media who were in attendance, covered the proceedings, interviewed folks & reported a one-sided viewpoint.

Local advocates tried to get their point across:

  • Most of the morning was spent answering questions and proposing better solutions to homelessness, taking pictures, and stressing again and again that jail is not the answer.
  • “Most shelters in the Tampa Bay area charge $10 to $42 per night for a single person. They aren’t free,” Tasha Rennels told Bay News 9.
  • 18 out of 25 shelters cater to a specific need such as domestic violence…

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