Details of plan to help Palo Alto’s homeless revealed

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The Palo Alto City Council is set next week to consider spending upward of $250,000 on an effort to get some of the citys most chronically homeless individuals off the street for good.

Marvin Heery‘s insight:

Here’s how Palo Alto’s City Council is looking to fund some housing for the homeless there. 


While they admit this doesn’t solve the total problem it’s a step in the right direction, supporting housing for 20 individuals for the first step!.


Quote from article:


The fund would be used for items such as transit passes, rental application fees and cellphones.


The plan would target people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, have had run-ins with the legal system, are likely to be repeat offenders, and significantly impact state, county or local resources.


The case manager’s duties would include finding a landlord who is willing to rent to such an individual and working to get the person to a point where he or she could either take over the rent or move into non-subsidized housing.


According to the report, "access to permanent housing is the most important ingredient to solving homelessness."

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