Huskey: Safe, affordable housing key in Columbia, SC’s fight against … – The State

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The State
Huskey: Safe, affordable housing key in Columbia, SC’s fight against …
The State
The investment in services and housing during the first year was averaged to approximately $9,870.

Marvin Heery‘s insight:

Finally, somebody actually responsible for ending homelessness in Columbia SC speaks out! AND guess what he promotes, Housing First!


Note to followers: made an error yesterday & posted this message with another (the wrong) link associated with it… Sorry for the confusion – this is about Columbia SC & our comments here  are relative to that!

Where was he (not as in why didn’t we hear from him earlier, but…) in the study, debate, taskforce, Committee (that came to Savannah too)?

Savannah, take note, there are advocates who have been promoting this solution in Savannah for well, almost 3 years!

Our time is NOW! Who’s up for the task? Let’s look for ways to engage the community in this discussion, awareness & reality check on ending homelessness (for more people than we have so far)!

We can study what we’ve been doing all we want but at the end of the day we need change in direction for our homelessness efforts here in Savannah!

Dontcha think? Get it touch if you do! Let’s rally our community, all parts of it to be a part of the solution, not just throwing our hands up in despair about our fellow citizens who have been experiencing homelessness way too long!

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