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A call to action: Are we Tolerating Homelessness? | NEXT PRACTICES Update from The American Round Table

What’s your tolerance level for homelessness?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning


185Round Table President Philip Mangano (pictured here) opened the NEXT PRACTICES Colloquy with a call to pronoia, the idea that the universe is conspiring for good, and we are all agents of that conspiracy in benefitting people who are homeless. He urged participants to use the colloquy’s opportunity of interaction and engagement with “new ideas, new approaches, new resources” to move their own thinking forward during the 2-day convening. Following are excerpts from his remarks. 

“We have in this room the intelligence, the experience to engage in the competition among ideas. You don’t get there by quiet assent. Recent studies tell us that the conflictual approach to ideas offers the opportunity to refine and improve them.

“We’ve seen ideas that were not tested, not diagnosed, imposed in policy that had the iatrogenic impact, counter to what was needed, what should have been intended. For a quarter…

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