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Comparing Charles Dickens’ “the Home” to Housing First, todays recognized solution | Home for Homeless Women – Presentation Page | Revisting Dickens

Can you see the connection between Dickens’ “the Home” project, “Home for Homeless Women” & today’s Housing First solutions?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning



While doing some research today on “Dickens Homelessness” on Google we found this blog post which does a great job of laying out how Dickens addressed “houselessness” for women in  his Victorian time period:


Expectations and Goals for the Home

Dickens opens the article with the expectations and goals of the house.  A woman would be admitted under two conditions – 1) she agreed to emigration to one of the colonies – likely Australia or South Africa and 2) she would agree to stay in “the Home” the prescribed length of time deemed necessary to ensure her success.  Dickens went on to explain the goals of the cottage.  There were two of those as well – 1) to repair women already fallen and 2) to save others by giving an opportunity to escape lives of crime.   Dickens goes on to clearly explain that neither he…

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“Men With Broken Hearts”, Hank Williams, Homeless Person Memorial Day Service 2013 #HPMD2013

Our Homeless Person Memorial Day Service theme song? Your thoughts?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

Please view our Homeless Person Memorial Service Project Page after hearing our proposed theme song & seeing what other communities are doing for their services!


“Men With Broken Hearts”

You’ll meet many just like me upon life’s busy street
With shoulders stooped and heads bowed low and eyes that stare in defeat
Or souls that live within the past where sorrow plays all parts
Where a living death is all that’s left for men with broken hearts
You have no right to be the judge to criticize and condemn
Just think but for the grace of God it would be you instead of him
One careless step a thoughtless deed and then the misery starts
And to those who weep death comes cheap these men with broken hearts
Oh so humble you should be when they come passing by
For it’s written that the greatest men never get too…

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A call to action: Are we Tolerating Homelessness? | NEXT PRACTICES Update from The American Round Table

What’s your tolerance level for homelessness?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning


185Round Table President Philip Mangano (pictured here) opened the NEXT PRACTICES Colloquy with a call to pronoia, the idea that the universe is conspiring for good, and we are all agents of that conspiracy in benefitting people who are homeless. He urged participants to use the colloquy’s opportunity of interaction and engagement with “new ideas, new approaches, new resources” to move their own thinking forward during the 2-day convening. Following are excerpts from his remarks. 

“We have in this room the intelligence, the experience to engage in the competition among ideas. You don’t get there by quiet assent. Recent studies tell us that the conflictual approach to ideas offers the opportunity to refine and improve them.

“We’ve seen ideas that were not tested, not diagnosed, imposed in policy that had the iatrogenic impact, counter to what was needed, what should have been intended. For a quarter…

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Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance – News & Events – Next Practices

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In October 2013, MHSA will partner with The American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness and the Phillips Brooks House Association at Harvard University to convene NEXT PRACTICES™ ROUND TABLE: The Art of Scaling Best Practices to End Homelessness.

Marvin Heery‘s insight:

This is known as "gettin er done" in the South!


It’s not "Best Practices" anymore it seems, its "Next Practices"!

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Volunteers sew hope into sleeping bags

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Jody Lewis had just poked a needle and thread into layers of blankets, sewing what would become one of the sides of a sleeping bag to be donated to the homeless, when another volunteer handed her a blank card.

Marvin Heery‘s insight:

This whole enabling thing that street ministries & the faith community gets shackled with regarding making it "comfortable" for people to "remain" homeless needs some serious attention.


This article gets to the heart of it with this quote: “We’re not enabling people,” she said. “We’re sharing what we have. These are the basic needs of life: warmth, and staying clean.”


That said there is significant value in the conversion about what else we should, could & must be looking toward accomplishing to truly end people’s homelessness "together"!


There are a couple of books we recommend to get the dialog pumped up, we’ve shared them elsewhere, but here you go: "Toxic Charity" & "When Helping Hurts".


A lot of this discussion goes to the needy vs greedy topic, but we as people of faith can’t judge people on that basis. We must meet everyone where they are, volunteers & tjose we help. We can only work toward making them feel grateful for their blessings, no matter where they come from & work to help them see that giving back & being a volunteer themselves is a helpful & life-changing exercise.


Much more could be written but let’s get started on a meaningful discussion & get to what truly matters.

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Pay for Success: What It Will Take to Work | Stanford Social …

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Let’s critically assess the model and imagine greater possibilities by keeping it simple.

Marvin Heery‘s insight:

Here’s a keep it simple (KISS) approach to getting started with pay-for-success! 


Let’s see if this helps us get our arms around these types of projects & get going on funding some here in good ol’ Savannah!

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Evolving to outcomes: Meet the new Pay For Success US Activity Map

See on Scoop.itSIB, pay-for-success, homelessness is a network of investors, enterprises, and enablers that are actively harnessing finance for social impact through community investment, microfinance, social enterprise, philanthropy, and responsible …

Marvin Heery‘s insight:

Now we actually have a tracking system for pay-for-success projects all over the country!


Where’s Georgia on this map? Well looky there, our next door neighbor SC is on the map! The Governor is actually supporting these projects AND getting help from the Harvard Kennedy School’s program to do it!!


Help is there for newcomers to get a project off the ground, let’s get to it Savannah & Georgia!

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